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Requirements for Admission

To Enroll in an ATS Degree Program one must:


  • Complete and submit the ATS Application Form from the Application page;

  • Pay the $25 Registration Fee;

  • Submit a Transcript for a completed Bachelor’s degree;

  • Or submit a transcript of Post High School Studies and a Life-Learning Paper. 


Life-Learning Credit: The life learning option requires a $150 fee with the submission of the Life-Learning Paper. The Life-Learning Fee is to cover the costs for someone to process and evaluate the paper. The paper must be a 5-10 page history of the candidate's work experience and testimony about the skills learned either in the marketplace, the work arena, and/or ministry. 


ATS’s Method of Course Instruction: Once enrolled in one of our degree programs:


  • Each course has a Course Syllabus with reading and writing assignments that must be completed and submitted by students in the ATS online Learning Center.

  • A Faculty Overseer will review students' work and provide constructive feedback as needed. 

  • Each Assignment and Course is graded as either completed or not completed, and on a pass or fail basis. 

  • Upon successful completion of the ATS degree program, graduates will receive either the Master’s or Doctor’s Degree in Apostolic and Prophetic Studies.

Affordable: Current costs for ATS courses are meant to be extremely affordable for most prospective students, especially in the USA, UK, and EU. 


  • The required Introductory course is only $50 for 2 credit hours. 

  • The other required Master’s courses are only $100 per credit hour or $300 per course. 

  • The doctorate-level courses, once made available will be $150 per credit hour or $450 per course. 


The long-term strategy of ATS is to recruit partnering apostolic and prophetic networks of ministers and churches to help us raise the funds needed to enable us to offer scholarships, so that any qualified Christian minister or Kingdom-minded leader around the globe may take our courses and earn a degree in Apostolic and Prophetic Studies and prepare themselves to fulfill their ministry calling and Kingdom destiny without going into debt.

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