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Degree Programs and Requirements

The Apostles Theological Seminary currently grants a Master of Apostolic and Prophetic Studies degree to students completing:


  • One two-hour Introductory course, entitled “God’s Agenda For the 21st Century,”

  • Nine three-hour online courses of study as outlined on our degree programs page,

  • In addition to the three-hour courses of study mentioned above, AM 599 Practical Application for Apostolic Ministry, is the Master’s thesis or ministry project that must be completed before being awarded the degree.


ATS has initiated our New Doctoral program on October 15, 2021.  See the front page for the links concerning this new degree. 


Note: Both our ATS Masters and Doctors of Apostolic and Prophetic Studies are based upon the intensive study of the revelation of the mysteries of Christ, His Messianic Kingdom, and the Ecclesia or Qahal of God (i.e. the Holy Nation or the Israel of the New Covenant Administration of the Kingdom of heaven) that Jesus Christ entrusted to the original apostles in the beginning of the New Covenant era or Messiah’s day and has been preserved for us and all future generations in the Canon of the New Testament. Jesus called the revelation of these divine mysteries “the keys of the Kingdom of heaven” (Matthew 13:11 and 16:19).

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