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Master of Apostolic and Prophetic Studies

The Master of Apostolic and Prophetic Studies degree consists of 32 credit hours as follows:


Prerequisites (no credit hours earned) as needed: 

English writing class (through Vision University, for those using life experience for entry) and Bible Competency class (also through Vision University, for those with insufficient bible background).


1 Introductory Course – 2 credit hours: 

AM 507 God’s Agenda for the 21st Century – A. Bradshaw


7 Core Courses – 3 credit hours each:


AD 500 The Mystery of Redemption   J. Bradshaw

AD 550 The Non-Negotiables of Apostolic Christianity   A. Bradshaw

AM 550 Spiritual Authority and Ministry   J. Bradshaw

AM 590 Spiritual Formation for Ministry   J. Bradshaw

AM 599 Practical Application for Apostolic Ministry   J. Bradshaw

NT 550 The Last Days According to Jesus   J. Bradshaw

NT 560 The Acts of the Apostles   S. Newton


3 Elective Courses – 3 credit hours each – chosen from:


AD 501 The Hope of Israel   G. Hunter

CIV 501 Apostolic Architecture and Kingdom Civilization   S. Newton

EM 505 Prophetic and Spirit-led Evangelism   J. Bradshaw

NT 518 Romans 1-8   J. Bradshaw

CH 610 Early Church History   A. Bradshaw

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