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The Apostles Theological Seminary offers two distinct kinds of courses. First, ATS offers our online Masters and Doctoral courses and other directed studies, that are overseen by anointed and seasoned apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers. Because these courses are available online our students are able to work from the comfort and convenience of their own home or office. Course notes, including audio and video files in down loadable formats, are made available free of charge whenever possible. Course materials and some text books are also available for purchase in the ATS online bookstore to allow our students to work comfortably at home while still under the online supervision and direction of the course's faculty overseer. The faculty overseer for each course will make online reading assignments in required texts either on the course's "assignments" application or by e-mail. The faculty overseer will also require the student to upload written summaries of reading assignments. The student is also encouraged to develop his or her student notebook for each directed-study course. Practical fieldwork may also be required depending upon the course and the student's degree level. Second, ATS is also in the process of developing correspondence courses for some of our strategic courses. These core courses will be made available for use by apostles and apostolic companies in their Schools of Ministry and also by pastors and local church leaders in their Bible Schools and discipleship training programs where internet service is unreliable or too expensive making it difficult for students to participate online. Correspondence courses may also require the completion of writing assignments or participation in approved field projects in order to assure mastery of course material.

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