Intensives and Seminar Courses

In addition to the online directed-studies and correspondence courses described above, the Apostles Theological Seminary offers special intensives for Masters and Doctors level students. These three to five day intensive study opportunities are highly customized events that are offered in a variety of geographic locations as deemed strategic and needful by the ATS Chancellor, President, and faculty overseers throughout the graduate students program. The purpose of these intensives is to provide special opportunities for graduate students to meet with senior faculty members, specially selected guest professors, and other graduate students to review and discuss graduate papers and projects as well as to engage in dialogue about strategically important subjects. Special certified events and conferences may also be recognized for credit. Also in partnership with the George Kouri Institute of Apostolic and Prophetic Studies, Vision International, and AWC's International School of Ministry, the Apostles Theological Seminary offers special seminars and online events dealing with Christ's Kingdom, the restoration and apostolic reformation of the Lord's Church, and other strategic subjects. These seminars are offered in various cities and regions throughout the world, are posted on the seminary web page, and made available to ATS students in those locations.

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