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An Apostolic and Prophetic Curriculum

Today there is much talk of apostles, prophets, and an apostolic reformation. However, it is foolish or presumptuous for us to talk about an "apostolic reformation" without first rediscovering or recovering the the authentic Gospel preached by Jesus and His apostles (the "kerygma" or "euangelion") and the actual revelation of the mysteries of Christ, His Messianic Kingdom and His Holy Apostolic Church (the New Covenant Israel of God or Holy Nation), that Jesus called the "keys of the Kingdom of heaven" (Matthew 16:19), and that was entrusted by Jesus Himself to His original twelve apostles of the Lamb and to the first ascension-gift apostles like Paul and Barnabas, and that has been preserved for us in the Canon of the New Testament. Therefore, the Apostolic Leadership Team and Faculty of the Apostles Theological Seminary are wholeheartedly committed to the recovery and restoration of the revelation of "the mystery of Christ" (i.e. the preaching, teaching, methods, practices, and architectural or governmental patterns of the original apostles) to the modern Church. Luke called this knowledge, “the didache" or "teaching of the apostles” (Acts 2:42). Paul calls it, “the form, standard, or pattern of sound words” (II Timothy 1:13). This special "revelation knowledge," entrusted by Jesus to those first apostles is the true measure of authentic apostolic Christianity; it served as the plumb-line or standard of truth for the early apostolic church, and is both foundational and essential for us today. Thank God, this revelation has been carefully preserved for us in the Canon of the New Testament. Christianity has content---specific and very precise revelatory or doctrinal content! That content has to do with the Kingship and High Priesthood of Jesus of Nazareth, His Messianic Kingdom, and His Holy Apostolic Church, and the Lord's Kingdom or apostolic mandate to conquer the Devil's kingdom, disciple the nations, and fill the earth with the glory of the Kingdom of heaven. It also has to do with the fulfillment of the covenant promises God made to David and the fathers of Israel, the fulfillment of the God-inspired visions of Messiah's Day that Yahweh entrusted to His Old Testament prophets, and the life and ministry of Jesus of Nazareth, the authentic Gospel of the Kingdom and the revelation of the mysteries of Christ, His Messianic Kingdom, and His Church that Jesus entrusted to His original apostles. That Apostolic or Kingdom content has been preserved for us and for all future generations in the Canons of both the Old and New Testament Scriptures. Thus the Apostles Theological Seminary's core curriculum and two outstanding degree programs are built upon: 1) the study and mastery of “the covenants of the promise” made to the fathers of Israel, 2) the prophetic visions of “Messiah's Day” and the New Covenant administration of the Kingdom of heaven that were revealed by the Spirit to the prophets of Israel and which have been preserved for us in the Canon of the Old Testament, and 3) the study and mastery of the fulfillment of the promises and the Messianic visions of the prophets in Jesus the Messiah and His Church, as understood and interpreted by Jesus Himself, by the apostle Peter and the other apostles of the Lamb, and by the apostle Paul and other ascension-gift apostles of the first century and preserved for us in the Canon of the New Testament. An in-depth study of both Old and New Testaments viewed or approached through the interpretive grid of Jesus and the first apostles comprises the core curriculum required for the ATS Masters and Doctors degrees. Special attention is given throughout the core curriculum not only to the apostles' preaching (kerygma) and doctrine or teaching (didache), but also to their practical strategies and methods, their mission and goal, and architectural or governmental paradigms and patterns. In addition to the core courses offered primarily through the Ern Baxter School of the Apostles Doctrine, Church History, Theology, and the School of Biblical Studies, ATS also offers dynamic and practical courses in the School of Ministry and Applied Theology, designed to enable each theological and ministerial student to specialize in or emphasize the development of their particular grace-gifting and calling, whether that of apostle, prophet, evangelist, or pastor-teacher. Finally, to provide balance and fully prepare our students to minister effectively in the twenty-first century, the ATS curriculum offers courses dealing especially with two-thousand years of Church history, the study of a number of diverse theological systems or schools of thought, major sects and movements within Christianity, the history of missions and evangelism, various philosophies and techniques of ministry, the study of world religions and the clash of civilizations. All of these diverse courses of study are carefully designed and approached in light of the definitive revelation of Jesus Christ, His Kingdom, and His Church that was entrusted by the Lord Himself to those first apostles in the first century and recorded for us in the New Testament, all with the specific aim, purpose and goal of raising up a radical new generation of Kingdom or Apostolic leaders equipped to impact and transform the modern Church and world for the sake of Messiah's Kingdom. In addition to offering Masters and Doctors Degrees in Apostolic And Prophetic Studies, the Apostles Theological Seminary has also been established to humbly serve the presently emerging fellowship or communion of apostles, apostolic companies, and apostolic networks and jurisdictions of ministers and churches worldwide. In order to do this ATS seeks to provides a diverse online apostolic and prophetic curriculum that deals comprehensively with the spirit and heart, the vision and revelation, the message and doctrine, the ministry and methods, the governmental patterns and structures, the Kingdom purposes of the twelve apostles of the Lamb and the first ascension-gift apostles, as preserved for us in the Canon of the New Testament. Our comprehensive apostolic and prophetic curriculum is divided into 11 different schools or departments from which we build our degree programs. (To review the ATS Course Catalog and our 11 schools or departments of study see our Course Catalog which is currently unavailable due to its being updated and streamlined.) Also, please note that while there are more than 200 different courses listed in the ATS catalog, we only offer courses as the course creator or a the Masters and Doctors faculty overseer is available to oversee the course, i.e. direct forums, lead chat room discussions, and evaluate or grade course assignments.

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