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Application for Membership

To apply for membership, please complete the following application.


I commit myself to uphold the Resolutions in the CAC Constitution.

I commit myself to understand and uphold the doctrine of Christ and His Apostles.

I commit myself to become a member in good standing and to submit to and participate with the CAC geographic council and ministers most related to my sphere of influence.

I commit myself to bring my ministry and governmental sphere into the Communion of Apostles and Churches.

I commit myself to transparency and accountability as needed for proper alignment (rank and order) and leadership responsibility within the CAC.

I commit myself to financially support the ministry of the CAC.

I commit myself to work together with the CAC to restore the foundations of apostolic Christianity, reform the Church, and extend Messiah’s Kingdom.

I commit myself to maintain the unity of the Spirit in the life of the Body of Christ.

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